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English to Odia Translator

English Odia translation is done manually by people who know Odia language and English language very well. Automatic English Odia translation is currently is in development stage and not available on the internet. A tool from google called google translator can do English Odia translation but it is still in development. It will translate from English to Odia automatically. But the problem is the grammar and meaning of the sentence are not perfect. Artificial intelligence program or machine translation need more input and data to get a good usable translated result.

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Google English Odia Translator is translating English to Odia using machine translation. The translated text in Odia must be reviewed by a language expert before using it anywhere. This machine translation may not be perfect in all context. The machine translation is not available at the moment for public usage.

We will update when English Odia machine translation available. At the moment manual translation is only possible way.

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